New product: N2 CHR W5 steel safety barrier

Single sided steel safety barrier, containment level Ν2, working width W5 CHR

We are excited to announce launching our new and innovative road safety barrier, using revolutionary-designed "chair"-shaped metal supports and branded "Ν2 CHR W5".

The Ν2 CHR W5 road safety barrier is a globally patented Greek product.

Utilising its revolutionary design, we're solving the issue of installing safety barriers on the edge of very steep slopes, in road sections with little to no width for support, extremely common in our country's provincial road network (mountainous areas, islands etc), especially in existing roads.

The Ν2 CHR W5 road safety barrier has been successfully tested according to the EN-1317-1 and EN-1317-2 standards, in the Bóllate testing fields, in Milano, supervised by the certification organization CSI S.p.A. which is accredited by the Italian accreditation organization ACCREDIA.

Learn more about N2CHRW5 by visiting our product page and downloading the full presentation.