Comlight: introducing a new partnership

Smart Lighting

For many years, Unisteel Ltd has been spearheading developments in glassworks, road works and road safety solutions.

Our R&D team has recently secured a promising new partnership in the sector of Road Lighting. We’re very happy to introduce Comlight, a leading manufacturer of Smart Solutions for Road Lighting. 

Comlight’s globally patented leading product, the Eagle Eye, involves a smart motion sensor for road lighting which automatically activates when a vehicle or pedestrian is detected in its vicinity. When there is no motion activity, the light level is set at a minimum level. This has created a new standard for Outdoor Lighting.

The Eagle Eye aims to drastically reduce unneeded energy consumption for road lighting. Using motion-sensing smart lights, we can save energy, reduce light pollution and dramatically reduce both electricity expenditure and carbon emissions.

We plan to actively promote Smart Road Lighting Solutions and support Smart City initiatives both nationally and internationally.

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