New product: N2 CHR W5 steel safety barrier

Single sided steel safety barrier, containment level Ν2, working width W5 CHR

We are excited to announce launching our new and innovative road safety barrier, using revolutionary-designed "chair"-shaped metal supports and branded "Ν2 CHR W5".

Comlight: introducing a new partnership

Smart Lighting

For many years, Unisteel Ltd has been spearheading developments in glassworks, road works and road safety solutions.

Our R&D team has recently secured a promising new partnership in the sector of Road Lighting. We’re very happy to introduce Comlight, a leading manufacturer of Smart Solutions for Road Lighting. 

Workshop "Road safety in Greece: from the past the future"

Our workshop, organized by Unisteel Ltd and Uniworks P.C. was successfully held on 13 December 2017 in Athens’ Titania Hotel, with the theme: "Road safety in Greece: from the past ... in the future".

The workshop aimed at informing and acquainting all participating stakeholders with the context of the rapid developments in road safety today.

Our event was organized on the occasion of the successful conclusion of the official crash tests of a new road safety barrier, which led to the certification of a revolutionary and globally patented one-sided steel safety barrier, which is inserted into the intersection of an embankment with the ground’s surface.

An overview of events and workshops for 2017

Unisteel and Uniworks, adhering to our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, are launching a new round of workshops in Greece to raise awareness and sensitivity among road safety officials.

The European reference standard EN1317

The implementation of EN 1317 after the approval and adoption of the ELOT becomes compulsory in Greece

Workshop on TBT Central Greece

Successfully completed the 4th workshop of our company on "Road safety and the need to adapt all Vehicle Restraint Systems according to the European standards (EN1317)". This Workshop was held on Tuesday, 19th April 2016 at the TEE of Central Greece in Lamia. Many representatives of local public bodies (the Region of Central Greece, technical services, municipalities, etc.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

Representatives of our company, Unisteel Ltd, attended to the international meeting for road safety, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, this year as well.

Meetings were held in the official stand of Marcegaglia and everyone had the chance to discuss with them on various issues related to road safety.

The experience of this event is for us a guarantee of our successful operation. Our company always operates according to European and international standards.

Welcome to our new website

On this website you can find useful information on issues related to road safety and in particular Road Safety Barriers, Energy Absorption Crash Systems and Emergency Systems.

Our products are certified according to the European Standard EN1317 and our website will be enriched and updated continuously to your authoritative information on the field action.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are at your disposal for any further information.