Smart Lighting

Unisteel Ltd is an active distributor of Comlight, which manufactures Smart Solutions for Road Lighting.

Comlight’s globally patented leading product, the Eagle Eye, involves a smart motion sensor for road lighting which automatically activates when a vehicle or pedestrian is detected in its vicinity. When there is no motion activity, the light level is set at a minimum level. This has created a new standard for Outdoor Lighting.

Motion-sensing Outdoor Lighting

A city’s road lighting today consumes about 30% of its budget in energy/electricity costs, maintenance and administration.

Smart Lighting solutions offer value-added functionality, increase safety, minimize energy consumtion and light pollution and drastically cut the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


  • Comlight offers lighting when and where it’s required.
  • Lighting, by itself, offers the most financially efficient safety measure. By increasing the lighting level from 50% to 100% we can observe a 25% reduction in the road accidents rate.
  • Strong road lighting positively influences people’s mood and can also decrease criminal rates.
  • Many municipalities and cities have also adopted laws to tackle light pollution. Smart Lighting solutions minimize light pollution by continuously keeping the lighting level at the minimum required level.




An integrated system for motion detection, regulating the lighting level.

  • Equipment and control software
  • Global compatibility with any type of lamps
  • Global compatibility with any type of lamp-posts.
  • Easy installation and customization
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Break-even in two to five years


”We strongly believe in the Comlight solution, in line with what our management group concluded.”
-Geir Olaf Nerlien, Norwegian Road Authorities

”The Comlight system is running to our full satisfaction stable and trouble free.”
-Urs Etter, Abteilungsleiter, Sankt Gallen Stadtwerke Öffentliche Beleuchtung

"Energy efficiency in public lighting is a very important topic for us. It is part of our corporate philosophy to test new lighting technologies and solutions such as the new Comlight system. We are very much satisfied with the system, and we are convinced that Comlight is a solution for the future. Therefore we will plan new installations with Comlight soon”. 
-Jörg Haller, Head of Public Lighting, EKZ Zürich