Crash Test Videos

With consistency and compliance to all safety regulations, Unisteel Ltd, in cooperation with Uniworks IKE, which undertakes the certified installation of the barriers, is the safest choice for the supply and installation of safety barriers, placed behind the Gutter. Our company has conducted all the official crash tests and simulations, relating to the performance of guardrails N2W2, H1W3 and H2W3 of the Italian company Marcegaglia, behind gutters.

The European standard EN1317 indicates the performance requirements for the Road Restraint Systems, defining categories and the crash test acceptance criteria. The safety barriers of Marcegaglia, N2W2, H1W3 and H2W3, placed behind the gutter, have been successfully tested in accredited crash tests. Specifically, N2W2 has been successfully tested in crash test types TB11 and TB32. H1W3 has been successfully tested in crash test simulation types TB11 and TB32 and TB42 and H2W3 in crash types TB11 and TB51.

The certification of crash tests and simulations has been made by the independent certification body AISICO.

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