The European reference standard EN1317

In accordance with the commitments of our country as a member of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the implementation of EN 1317 after the approval and adoption of the ELOT becomes compulsory in Greece.

National guidelines for passive protection on roads related to vehicle restraint systems, in particular the general requirements that they must meet and their implementing standards must be harmonized with European standard ELOT EN1317.

According to ELOT EN 1317 the selection and design of road safety systems are based on the knowledge of their real and behavioural characteristics during a crash. These features, otherwise performance classes, must be proved by relevant certificates.

The suitability of a system is proved by the certificate of conformity (by an independent certification body) according to ELOT EN 1317-5, which should always be sought from the competent entities during the supply of safety systems.

Therefore the systems installed to road works, must be certified and have passed the tests set out in ELOT EN1317.

Our company always acting in ethics and social responsibility supplies only products that meet all the above specifications.